Rock Band the most expensive game ever?

EBGames is suggesting that the prices of peripherals for EA's recently announced Rock Band game will range from $39.99 to $79.99.

Specifically, the 'Rock Band Wireless Guitar Controller' will retail at $79.99, the standard 'Rock Band Guitar Controller' at $59.99, the 'Rock Band Drum Set' $79.99 and the 'Rock Band Microphone' at $39.99.

The game itself, which is heading to PS3 and Xbox 360, is listed with a $59.99 price tag.

Assuming these prices are accurate, starting your own rock band is going to prove a little expensive.

However, Xbox 360 owners who have bought Guitar Hero II will save some money,as the controller for the 360 title has been confirmedas being compatible with Rock Band on Microsoft's console.

April 4, 2007