Rock Band a Guitar Hero "imitator" says Activision

During a conference call today Gamasutra reports that Activision execs took a swipe at EA and Harmonix' Rock Band, saying that it "wasn't surprising that [Guitar Hero] has attracted imitators." Sorry, what?

In case you didn't know, Harmonix is also the original developer behind the Guitar Hero franchise, which has since been pawned off to Tony Hawk's dev Neversoft.

Now, we're not big suited money men - in fact the closest we get to a secretary is sending theintern to fetch the Burger King breakfast - but we'd say it's a bit strange to claim that Harmonix is imitating its own game.

We contacted Activision to see if it had anything to say on the supposed comments, but unfortunately their PR team seem be in one gigantic meeting and/or Tony Hawk session.

We'll let you know when they get back to us.

June 1, 2007