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Roblox competitor Core brings free user-made games to the Epic Games Store

Core, a new Roblox-esque virtual hub for making, sharing, and playing games, is now available for free on the Epic Games Store. 

Though it's just now entering early access, Core has already amassed over 20,000 playable games in its yearlong alpha, with roughly 200 games added or updated daily according to developer Manticore Games. These range from shooters, RPGs, and side-scrollers to MOBAs, farming sims, survival games, and plenty more. The key selling point of Core is that "it's literally all there": in theory, its library of games is limited only by its users and the creative tools Core gives them. 

"By combining the power of Epic’s Unreal Engine with accessible tools that require no coding experience in a single platform, Core makes game creation, publishing and play available to everyone for free," Manticore says. It's no surprise, then, that the studio opted for Epic's storefront when choosing a public platform. 

Beyond expanding Core's game-making toolbox with more options and assets in future updates, Manticore is also looking to add social features including virtual events and player housing. An asset marketplace is also in the works, which touches on the business side of user-made gaming hubs like Core. 

Roblox, for instance, makes most of its money off cosmetics purchased with the premium in-game currency Robux. Naturally, a percentage of every purchase goes to Roblox Corporation itself. But creators with popular games or creations can convert whatever Robux they receive into real money once they earn enough, and some people have turned Roblox into a sustainable – even lucrative – career. As you can imagine, this is partly why these kinds of user-made game hubs have become so popular. That, and their explosive popularity among kids and teens.

Manticore says it will offer a direct 50% revenue share on in-game Core purchases, but the specifics of its monetization system  – namely the conversion process and any revenue thresholds – remain to be seen, and will likely evolve as the platform matures. 

The Epic Games Stores has many more exclusive games planned for 2021 and beyond. 

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