Rob Liefeld's Brigade gets 30th anniversary reprint with new material

Brigade #1 Remastered Edition
Brigade #1 Remastered Edition (Image credit: Image Comics)

Image Comics has released a first look at the 30th anniversary remastered edition of Rob Liefeld's Brigade #1, featuring new pages from a huge line of illustrators. The comic was originally published in 1992 for Image's launch, before eventually making its way to Liefeld's own Extreme Studios.

Brigade #1 Remastered Edition (Image credit: Image Comics)

"Brigade #1 was a book that stormed the comics scene in 1992, the book eventually became the top-selling title for me at my Extreme Studios," Liefeld says. "As with all the Year One Image Comics releases, Brigade has a fondness with fans who rally for it every time we re-visit it. I assembled a literal Brigade of Super-Star talent to pull off this remaster in style and the results are spectacular! I can’t wait to share this with the world!"

Brigade is a spin-off of Liefeld's Youngblood, and features the character Battlestone – also of the Allied Supermen of America – leading his own team after being expelled from Youngblood following the deaths of several members who had been under his command. In 2010, Liefeld, Mark Poulton, and Marat Mychaels updated the original Brigade and released a new volume through Image.

In addition to new work by Liefeld himself on Brigade #1 Remastered Edition, the special 30th anniversary issue will also include work by Clay Mann, Kenneth Rocafort, Philip Tan, V Ken Marion, Dan Fraga, Marat Mychaels, Ed Piskor, Thomas Scioli, Jim Rugg, Thomas Hedglen, and more who have not yet been announced. The issue will also feature cover art by Liefeld and Mychaels, as well as a blank sketch cover.

Check out a preview of Brigade #1 Remastered Edition below.

 Brigade #1 Remastered Edition will be available August 17. 

Alongside Image Comics, Harley Quinn is also celebrating her 30th anniversary this year.

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