Riot is making a League of Legends MMO

League of Legends
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Riot quietly revealed today that it's developing a League of Legends MMO. 

It's unclear if the project is separate from Project F, the open-world game we got a glimpse of during last year's League of Legends 10th anniversary stream. Riot VP Greg Street took to Twitter to tease a game he's working on, which could've been any of the three League-based games in development at Riot, but the real news appeared in the comments section. When Twitter user Richelle asked if the game is an MMO, Street nonchalantly replied in the affirmative.

This comes just days after the studio released a full-fat trailer for its other project based in the League of Legends universe, the single-player RPG Ruined King.

Since there's a lot going on in the Riot and League of Legends universe, it's worth clarifying that this newly-revealed League of Legends MMO is a different thing than Project-V, which is a sort-of MMO hybrid being developed by former Riot and EA devs. 

Neither Street nor Riot have revealed anything about the League of Legends MMO, and since it's so early in development, it could be some time before we see gameplay. That said, it's an exciting reveal for League fans and anyone wishing to see the MMO space get a little more love from AAA studios (*raises hand*).

I've reached out to Street to clarify if the League MMO is Project F, and I'll update this article if I hear back.

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