Ridley Scott makes Brave New World Official

Ridley Scott has finally shoved Brave New World from rumour status to official development - and Leonardo DiCaprio's likely along for the ride.

After years of talking about how he wants to make a new adaptation of Aldous Huxley's famous futuristic novel, he hasn't had it set up anywhere.

But now he has not only a studio - Universal - but a script in the works, and a producing partner/possible star in DiCaprio.

Farhad Safinia, who wrote Apocalypto, has been hired to pen the screenplay, but that still means the project is a ways off.

For those who have never heard of the book, Huxley's tome follows a seemingly idyllic 26th century society that has banned natural birth and creates people in test tubes, with everyone assigned to a caste.

Each one - from Alpha to Epsilon - has defined tasks, with Alphas as the intelligent, free-spirited top of the list types.

DiCaprio might be signing on to play Bernard, a man who falls in love with a woman outside his caste and causes controversy when he agrees to help her bring a "savage" - a man from a reserve of humans who still live by traditional means - back in society.

We'll have to wait and see how long this takes for Scott to get to - he's got plenty of other projects on the boil, not the least of which is the recently announced Alien prequel.

[Source: Risky Business Blog]

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