Rez developer "ready to go" with next game

Tetsuya Mizuguchi, the creator of Rez, a magic mushroom-friendly cult-classic shooter, suggested his next game will be uncovered in the near future. He ensures us it'll be another exercise in delightful synapse stimulation.

"I can't talk about details, but I'm ready to go with my next game, which will be bigger than [my other games] Lumines or Every Extend Extra," the Q Entertainment founder revealed. "I want to use my passion and energy again using the next-gen technology. I have many reasons to make a new experience, and it must be a new sensory experience using high-def technology. I can make some announcements soon."

Above: Let's hope Mizuguchi can stun us again with something as intangibly brilliant as Rez (pictured)

To our ears, it sounds like this will probably be the best game ever made. But we'll be sure to keep our lug holes open for any new details on this mind-expanding trip in interactive hypnosis (at least that's what we're hoping for).

Talking about the rave influenced Rez, the synaesthesia-curious developer admitted to initially feeling disappointment when the game was released. "I'd put so much energy into it and it was not such a big success commercially," Mizuguchi toldGameSpot. "But after five or six years, people are still talking about it and it's a really happy thing." Aww, we love a happy ending.

January 25, 2007