Resident Evil perfumes are now on sale

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Capcom has released a line of new fragrances inspired by its tentpole Resident Evil franchise.

The three perfumes – each one inspired by a different Resident Evil hero – were released on Friday as part of Resident Evil's ongoing 25th-anniversary celebrations. 

The 10ml unique fragrances are styled on and around series stalwarts Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield, and Jill Valentine, with fans encouraged to "select the scent according to the mood and scene of the day", as described by a rough translation by Google Translate (thanks, TheGamer). I'm not sure what that equates to, though... will you smell like a zombie? Lady Dimitrescu? Or maybe you'll stink like a soldier who's been running around for hours without a shower?

Three clear bottles set against concept art of three of Resident Evil's biggest protagonists - Chris, Jill, and Leon

(Image credit: Capcom)

Fans are also told to carefully review the bottle design and scent explanations, but sadly the text is saved as an image, and my GCSE Japanese isn't enough for me to properly translate those for you. You can check them out for yourself on the blog post here, though.

Unfortunately, it looks as though the perfumes are restricted to physical and online stores in Japan, but those with links to Japan can pick up a scent bottle for ¥6380, which is around $60 USD. Further scents developed for other Capcom franchises are also available, including Monster Hunter, Ace Attorney, and Devil May Cry.

ICYMI, Resident Evil Village has seemingly been patched on PC to fix stuttering issues caused by DRM software after PC players compared playing a hacked version of the game that circumvents anti-piracy software with the standard version.

Developer/publisher Capcom confirmed it would address the issue last week, and rolled out a new update for Resident Evil Village on PC that would tackle the stuttering issues that players were encountering on the PC version.

Have you started your second playthrough of Resident Evil Village yet? If not, you probably should. 

"Resident Evil Village – whose core story mode can be completed within 10 to 12 hours – makes the case against the 'more is more' theory of value using deeper gameplay systems and reward items to transform the experience," posits Play editor, Oscar Taylor-Kent. 

"We know that Resident Evil Village DLC is coming… but the New Game Plus mode makes a compelling argument that value-for-money rests in multiple replays," he adds.

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