Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness opening minutes released by Netflix

Netflix has released the opening minutes of Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, a new series set in Capcom's horror universe. The footage sees the "Mad Dogs" team going against orders and hunting for something on the ground, but not (currently) facing zombies. Watch it around the 30-minute mark in the above video.

We have previously seen a Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness trailer, which centered on Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield meeting in the White House. The series will see two different outbreaks and we'll catch up with Leon and Claire following the zombie takeover of Racoon City, seen in the Resident Evil 2 Remake

Infinite Darkness is directed by Eiichiro Hasumi, and has a distinctive CGI animation style that's incredibly realistic. Nick Apostolides and Stephanie Panisello both return from the game series to voice Leon and Claire, respectively, once again.

This isn't the only Resident Evil adaptation we can expect to see soon. A live-action movie titled Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City is also on its way, arriving this November 24. It was delayed, reportedly to avoid going up against Marvel's Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, which was previously delayed to September. Raccoon City will be a reboot of the Resident Evil movie franchise. There's also a live-action Netflix series in the works.

As for the video games, Resident Evil Village, featuring the internet's new favorite character Lady Dimitrescu, arrives on May 7. Infinite Darkness is slated for release in July 2021. Until then, check out our guide to the best video game movies.

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