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Resident Evil Village showcase confirms the most important detail: how to say Dimitrescu

Resident Evil Village
(Image credit: Capcom)

Apparently we've all been pronouncing Lady Dimitrescu's name wrong, and it's a good thing we found out before we made a fool of ourselves in Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil Village demo walkthrough

The giant vampire woman - she's 9'6" or 2.9 meters tall if you hadn't heard - captured the attention and interminable thirst of the internet from the moment we saw her on screen. We learned her name through writeups from Capcom (nobody actually says it in the videos where she appears) and everybody on the GR staff just assumed it was pronounced "Dih-Muh-Tress-Koo," along with many other folks who were excited about the game. Or more broadly excited about the concept of giant vampire women.

"Now in the last showcase we promised that another demo was coming this spring," host Brittney Brombacher said in tonight's Resident Evil showcase. "Something tells me it won't involve casual tea time with Lady Dimetrescu, but I don't think the internet would mind that." She pronounces the surname "Dee-Muh-Treesk," and she's presumably been briefed by Capcom on important details like this.

This is where I'd normally make a joke about us all being terribly sorry for the error and say we'll submit to our punishment of being repeatedly stepped on by Lady Dimitrescu's 17.3-inch heels, but being horny on main is no laughing matter. Instead, I'll just remind you that Capcom also revealed a new Resident Evil Village demo that's debuting first for PlayStation players during the event, and the full game is going to bring back the arcade-inspired Mercenaries mode after its recent absence.

You don't need to pronounce the names right to know Resident Evil Village is a serious contender for our list of the best horror games, but it helps. Don't forget to check out the latest Resident Evil 8 pre-order prices

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