Resident Evil fans have spoken, and they want a Code Veronica remake next

Resident Evil timeline - Resident Evil: Code Veronica
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Resident Evil developer Capcom has asked fans to suggest a game to remake next, and Code Veronica fans are making their voices heard. 

Like it frequently does, Capcom is sending out another survey for fans to give feedback on the Resident Evil series. The survey is made up of generic brand questions such as if you're familiar with the various Resident Evil Twitter accounts and websites, or what kind of content you've enjoyed from the series so far. 

One of the last questions in the survey is notably: "Let us know if there are any other Resident Evil games you want remade." There's a lot of games to choose from, everything from Resident Evil 5 to Resident Evil: Revelations, and many more. It seems many fans only have one game in mind though. 

Shortly after the survey was shared, all of the Resident Evil - Code: Veronica fans came out of the woodwork to not only request the title but also encourage other fans to do the same. 

"Code Veronica is literally the original Resident Evil 3. It’s a no-brainer," one Twitter user said, sharing a tweet that featured a link to the survey. "Did I spend 10-15 minutes filling this out just so I can tell Capcom we need a Resident Evil Code Veronica remake? You bet your ass I did," another revealed

The demand for a Code Veronica remake was so intense, it even got the game's name trending on Twitter at one point. The Resident Evil spin-off title was originally released for the Sega Dreamcast back in 2000, so it's arguably overdue for a re-release of some kind. 

The last Resi we got from Capcom was the Resident Evil 4 Remake, which saw Leon Kennedy's 2005 adventure to the Spanish countryside get completely overhauled. The game was such a success that it managed to become the series' biggest-ever Steam launch

It's great to see Capcom considering bringing more of its survival horror series to modern players - let's just hope Code Veronica is chosen next before fans get even more desperate. 

Wondering which Resi game to try next? Take a look at our best Resident Evil games list. 

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