Resident Evil: Extinction gets a release date

Milla Jovovich and the ludicrously evil Umbrella Corp are back again - this time with Resident Evil: Extinction - with Paul W S Anderson taking the writer's credit and Russell Mulcahy (Highlander) directing. And there might very well be zombies in it. Maybe. Well, alright then, definitely.

The Umbrella Corp, having failed to control the deadly T-Virus (when will those lab guys ever learn, eh?), have wiped out most of humanity. The last few survivors have to move through the most uninhabited parts of the globe in order to avoid the walking dead. These guys plan to head across the Nevada desert so they can reach Alaska for safety.

Jovovich is rejoined by Mike Epps, Oded Fehr and Iain Glen, with fresh meat in the form of Ali Larter, Spencer Locke and Ashanti.

Resident Evil: Extinction hits US cinemas on 7 September 2007. We'll keep you posted on a UK release date.