Resident Evil: Code Veronica cheats


Dreamcast | Submitted by GamesRadar

Unlimited Ammo (Demo And Japanese Version Only)

At the item select screen press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, R


Dreamcast | Submitted by Steve Googley

Shutter Trick

Near the beginning of the game when you have to place all metal items into the box near metal detector there is an easy way to stop the zombies from crashing through the windows and attacking you while you are unarmed. just take the grenade rounds from the table and walk through the detector the door and shutters will close. you can then use the copy machine and the zombies won't attack. then push the button to open them. you can walk safely out.

Dreamcast | Submitted by Even Steven

Tips For Alexia 2

1. Start by shooting her once quickly before Claire is killed (preferably with shotgun)

2. Shoot her until her arms turn into tentacles.

3. Make sure you save your magnum ammo until after step 2. Shoot all your bullets at her stomach.

4. After a short cut-scene, her body takes to the air. Grab the Linear Launcher and shoot her once!

Dreamcast | Submitted by SQUEAKY MAN!!!

D.I.J.'S Identity

The identity of D.I.J. is...Alfred Ashford's butler?!? Yes, that's right! If you look very closly, you can see that it's the butler from the butler's letter that Claire picked up in antartica.

Dreamcast | Submitted by anonymous

Secret Box Of Handgun Bullets

In order to do this code, you must be Claire and you've gotten the lock pick. Go to the Briefing Room on the MTF 1st floor (where you get explosive arrows) and pick the lock on the drawer.

Dreamcast | Submitted by Sam and Yousif

Out Of Ammo Hint

Use the combat knife and slash at the knees they will drop then slash them repeaditly for the kill

Dreamcast | Submitted by JJ

Mysterious Journal In Battle Game

To get a mysterious journal in the battle game simply beat the battle game with one character two times. Each time you beat it you must go to the room with the slot machine and pull the lever, taking the item in it. Go through it a third time, going back into the slot machine room. When you pull the lever there should be a mysterious journal by someone named D.I.J.

Dreamcast | Submitted by anonymous

Red Jewel Code

In the room where you have to use the gold key there are pictures here is the code to get it right,veronica,stanly with the two babbies,stanly holding a tea cup,arthur who has a plate in the back ground,edword who has a vase and a peace of paper,and alexander with a candle stick,the big picture up the stairs.

Dreamcast | Submitted by GamesRadar

Defeating Tyrant

When the tyrant is limping and leaving large puddles of blood wherever he goes-he bleeds a little after a few hits, but wait until he's bleeding profusely-it's time to hit the blue button

Dreamcast | Submitted by Scotty Tyler

Lock Pick Secret

When you get the lockpick and go back to the MTF on Disc 1 besides unlocking the glass cabinet in the basement also go up to MTF2 and unlock the cabinet in the room where you put the Skeleton Painting. You will love what you get!

Dreamcast | Submitted by The Dark Messiah

Right Way To Beat Steve (Mutated)

There is no way you can kill Steve its a waste of ammo and health. The best thing to do is to be at full health when you go in. Then as soon you gain control of Claire after the cinema do a 180 turn and run for your life. Heal up right after he hits you because it takes half of your life. If done correctly he will only hit you twice before you reach the doorway

Dreamcast | Submitted by AsAcledhae

Extra Animations

Playing as Alternate Claire in Battle Mode:

When you reach the frozen corridor, kill all the zombies, and then walk around a bit.. (Don't run, only walk..) After a while you will see Claire trying to warm herself up a bit..

Playing as Steve Burnside in Battle Mode:

When you reach the vending machine in the room with the door that leads to the casino, (The room with the two doors and the two herbs, a blue and a green..) go to the vending machine and press action.. You will see Steve searching for a coin to drink something, alas....

Dreamcast | Submitted by BIG POPPA

Get Albert Wesker In Battle Game

To get Wesker you must beat the battle game with Chris.But watch out Wesker only has a combat knife.

Dreamcast | Submitted by Aya

Battle Mode Extras

In battle mode if you are Claire,walk in the hall when you are in Antartica.Claire will shiver.

In battle mode if you are Steve,go to the slot machine in the casino and press "X".Steve will be disappointed that he don't have enough money for the soda.

In battle mode if you are Chris,walk to the sink/mirrior and Chris will groom himself. Also if you go to the statue of the tiger and press "X" Chris will get cut on it.

In battle mode if you are Albert Wesker then go to the human torso (waist area) and let Wesker look at it,he will tilt his sunglasses and look at it with a disgusted look on him face.

Dreamcast | Submitted by Matt

How To Beat Alexia Once And For All

You must have A magnum with 5 bullets and 6 magnum ammo, and a bow gun with 10 explosive arrows. When Alexia goes after Claire, shoot Alexia one time with a magnum. After Alexia transforms shoot her 3 times then reload fast. Shoot her 6 times then reload [WARNING:THIS IS YOUR LAST BULLET SO BE SURE NOT TO MISS HER]. Then equip your bow gun and shoot her repeatedly. when she flys up in the air grab the linear launcher and blast her out of the sky.

Dreamcast | Submitted by Samer Haddad

No Need To Kill The Bats

If you do not what to Waist your Ammo on the Bats just equip your self with the lighter and the Bats will just fly over your head.

Dreamcast | Submitted by Aya

Play As Hunk In Battle Mode

Complete the game under normal difficulty setting in less than 3.5 hours while collecting every memo, file, note,& letter to unlock Hunk from Resident Evil 2.

Dreamcast | Submitted by Matt

Extra Movements

I only know two and there...... 1.If you are Chris on the battle game and if you press x at the lion statue Chris will show his jealously of the statue.2.if you are Chris and you go up to the sink and press x Chris will mess with his hair.

Dreamcast | Submitted by Aya

The Ashford Family

The scary guy in Antartica,Nasteratu(or however you spell his name) is Alexia&Alfred's dad, Alexander.Alexia and Alfred's mom is Veronica Ashford, but,the "twins"(i don't think they look very much alike)were made in the lab.Alfred is a sadistic tyrant and Alexia made herself a female nightmare. Use their rings to get the "jewels" to use in the place where you fight Alexia type 1 I believe. Just go to check on the ring's if you got one...

Dreamcast | Submitted by Dustin Strand

The "REAL" Identity Of D.I.J.

Sorry SQUEEKY MAN but your wrong no offense, though. The "true" Identity of D.I.J. is not the butler but surprisingly its actually the mouse! If you don't believe me read the the journal again and read lines like "I was almost crushed by a metal shutter" or "I turned around to find myself facing the woman in red" or "on our plane" etc. If you look back on the game you'd find a mouse in all of those situations. It'd take me along time to explain every scene so just take my word for it. DIJ is a freaking mouse. Also when you said that thing about the initials on the book do remember that the mouse was actually in the same locker so maybe dij is actually his/her paw print.

Dreamcast | Submitted by Bubble

Throw Zombies Off The Bridge

When going across the bridge for the first time heading to to palace there are two zombies (not bandersnatchers) get as close to the edge as possible and still leave room for a zombie to grab Claire's neck from behind her. Keep pushing buttons and when Claire knocks them off of her she'll knock them off the bridge. It's not really a code but it's pretty cool.

Dreamcast | Submitted by Even Steven

Get Magnum

To get the magnum, keep the fire extinguisher after you use it in disc 1. Store it in Claire's box. When you get to the middle - end of disc 2, you will get some foam for the extinguisher. Soon after, you will come upon a fire. Put it out, and in the back of the room there should be a magnum gun!


Dreamcast | Submitted by Dave Patterson

Linear Launcher

Get an A ranking with the two Claires, Steve, Chris and Wesker in the Battle Game to unlock the Linear Launcher. Once you gain it, it will automatically appear in your inventory when you begin the Battle Game again.

Dreamcast | Submitted by GamesRadar

Be A New Claire In Battle Mode

Do well with Claire in Battle mode

Dreamcast | Submitted by SQUEAKY MAN!!!

Obtaining The Rocket Launcher

To Obtain the Rocket Launcher(NOT the Linear

Launcher, which is the final weapon in the game),finish the game with a S rank. To get a S rank, DON'T save or retry(Don't die or reset the game at any time)NOR use health canisters to heal yourself.You should also give the black guy the ANTITOXIN and save steve quickly when he takes the GOLDEN GUNS in DISK 1.You should also finish the game in

under 5 hours.

Dreamcast | Submitted by SQUEAKY MAN!!!

1st Person View In Battle Mode

To aquire the 1st person mode in the battle mode, simply pick up Alfred Ashford's Sniper Rifle when he drops it on Disk 2.

Dreamcast | Submitted by Dave Patterson

Unlock Steve In Battle Mode

Unlock Steve in Battle Game by solving a puzzle in the main game. In the underground Save Room in Chris' walkthrough, complete the drawer puzzle in the corner. Grab the Gold Luger to unlock Mr. Burnside.

Dreamcast | Submitted by GamesRadar

Get Battle Mode

After completing the game using any difficulty the Battle Mode will be opened on your VMU

Dreamcast | Submitted by GamesRadar

Get 1st Person View

Use the easy or normal setting to finish the game

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