Resident Evil 4 remake devs wanted to build another iconic chainsaw controller, but ran out of time

Resident Evil 4 remake
(Image credit: Capcom)

Capcom wanted to remake Resident Evil 4's iconic chainsaw controller for the remake, but just plain ran out of time.

Earlier this week, Game Informer published the video below, featuring a whopping 80 quick-fire questions with Resident Evil 4 remake's Yasuhiro Ampo and Yoshiaki Hirabayashi. When asked if the remake would ship with a "novelty controller" like the classic chainsaw controller, the duo sadly admit that there won't be such a creation this time round.

"We wanted to do one, but we are already putting everything we have into development of the game," Hirabayashi said. "Maybe we can look into that some other time if there's an opportunity," the lead developer continued, not effectively ruling out a novelty controller for Resident Evil 4 remake.

For those new to Resident Evil 4, you might not know that the original title on the PS2 and GameCube offered up a novelty controller resembling a chainsaw. The chainsaw controllers were pretty beloved by fans for being over-the-top and just downright ridiculous, and it's amazing to think about anyone playing as U.S. government agent Leon S. Kennedy using a chainsaw.

If you're curious about the chainsaw controllers, we'd recommend watching the video below from Stop Skeletons From Fighting. The channel's host takes a really good look at both chainsaw controllers for the PS2 and GameCube releases of the original Resident Evil 4, showing exactly how they would've functioned back in the day.

Nearly 20 years later, the Resident Evil 4 chainsaw controllers have sort of attained a cult following. It's incredibly rare to happen upon controllers for either version of Capcom's game now, and you basically won't find them retailing on reselling sites like eBay for under $300. Given the history with the chainsaw controllers, you can see why Game Informer asked about Capcom resurrecting the weird device.

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