Resident Evil 4 remake added a gun from the awful Resident Evil Vendetta movie

Resident Evil 4 Remake
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Resident Evil 4 remake quietly includes a weapon from one of the series' terrible animated movies.

If you put down the cash for Resident Evil 4 remake's Deluxe Edition, you'll have bagged the exclusive Sentinel Nine pistol for Leon to use throughout the game. It turns out, as one sleuthing Reddit user noticed below, that this gun is actually from the animated Resident Evil Vendetta movie.

I just realised that the RE4R Deluxe Weapon 'Sentinel Nine' is the same gun Leon uses in Resident Evil Vendetta animated Movie from r/residentevil

It's the same weapon Leon uses throughout the movie, and in the clip above where he guns down zombies, John Wick-style. Apparently these zombies don't really want to take a chunk out of a person who's stood right in front of them, but rather whack Leon about, which gives our hero plenty of opportunity to shoot them in cool ways.

And yes, before you think otherwise, Resident Evil Vendetta is a terrible movie, because every Resident Evil adaptation is terrible. From animated movies like Vendetta, to Netflix's live action Resident Evil series, to the Milla Jovovich-led live action movie series, they've all been nothing but bad.

But anyhow, Capcom has apparently taken Leon's weapon from Vendetta, which takes place years after Resident Evil 4, and placed it in the horror remake as an exclusive weapon. At least the Skull Cracker shotgun, the other Deluxe Edition weapon, doesn't come burdened by any rubbish animated movies.

Many on the Resident Evil subreddit are wondering if they should bother giving the animated movies a go, or if they do, what order they should watch them in. One fellow subreddit user had a great answer: "Depends on how drunk you are."

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