The Resident Evil 2 remake is happening. This is not a drill

Well, that didn't take long at all. Only a few days after asking fans for an "honest and frank opinion" on a Resident Evil 2 , a producer only known as H pitched the new Resi 2 HD idea to his bosses and now the remake is "approved for development".

We don't know who H is yet but we think that's his thumb on the pitch documents here:

It looks like a good thumb. A trustworthy thumb that can handle a beloved game's remake. Here's the statement on its confirmation and finally a look at the man behind it:

"We’re pleased to confirm that Resident Evil 2 has been approved for development. As the title is only just starting its development cycle we unfortunately don’t have any additional information or assets to share at this time. However, for now we want our fans to know that we appreciate all the feedback and support we’ve received on this title. We’re looking forward to delivering this highly anticipated Resident Evil experience that fans have been waiting for".

And that's basically it. There's nothing else obviously, as so far the process is has only got as far as a 'yes' from Daddy Capcom (who previously mentioned HD remakes were key to its future).

When the idea was originally floated on Facebook, H said that he knew the idea was popular but explained that "we're not certain how we feel about this approach, and would like to ask your honest and frank opinion about the 'Resident Evil 2 Remake' and what the brand identity is supposed to be about?"

This was the most popular reply with over 4000 likes:

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