Resident Evil 2 remake pitched less than a day after flood of fan support

Well, that didn't take long. Yesterday, Capcom's R&D division posted to the official Resident Evil Facebook page, asking fans what they would like in a Resident Evil 2 remake. Today, "H" from R&D posted that he had just brushed up his concepts for a Resident Evil 2 and pitched it to the higher-ups. The response seems to have been a positive one:

"I was told by my boss to check out the post [asking for fan input], and THIS IS AMAZING. Thank you so much for your passion and continued support for Resident Evil brand!" H wrote on the Facebook page. H also wrote that their (unnamed) boss asked if they personally could make a game that would be worthwhile in the eyes of passionate fans. "This order actually makes me SUPER excited!"

You know how sometimes you'll ask a series of strangely specific questions "for a friend" or maybe because you're "just curious?" Well you can't fool me, H - the friend is really you, isn't it! I want answers! I want the truth! And now you've made me go and want HD zombies!

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Sam Prell

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