Resi Outbreak 2 confirmed for summer 2005

New shots of Biohazard Outbreak: File 2 - the game that will become Resident Evil Outbreak 2 when it's released in the UK next summer - show off more of the hellish undead creatures you can expect to face in the game, including an outsize mutant croc, a sabre-toothed tiger and some sort of crazed vulture whose sole raison d'etre appears to be pecking your eyes out.

As that array of enemies suggests, these new screens are again taken from the level set in Raccoon City Zoo, although the game will also include a variety of other locations around the zombie-infested conurbation.

Although the Japanese version of the game - which continues the story of the eight characters that featured in the first Outbreak - is already confirmed as being online, it'll be interesting to see whether the UK version will offer online multiplayer gaming, following this mode being removed from the PAL iteration of Resident Evil Outbreak.

Biohazard Outbreak: File 2 will be released for PS2 in Japan in September. The game's due to reach the UK in summer 2005