Remote-controlled Zelda

Thursday 17 August 2006
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on Wii will only be playable with the console's motion-sensing remote and Nunchuck, Nintendo has confirmed, meaning you won't be able play any of the game with a conventional controller.

Although it was known that certain aspects of Twilight Princess would be playable with the Wii-mote - specifically bow and arrow aiming and shooting - it was assumed by many that the majority of gameplay would be handled with a more traditional gamepad, like the 'classic' pad that was unveiled at E3 earlier this year.

Now it seems that this isn't even an option after Nintendo of America top bod George Harrison broke the newsat Camp Hyrule,Nintendo's annual online event, and it seemsthe companyis determined to prove the Wii remote's worth.

Above: Its seems Wii gamers will waving and gurning their way through the whole of Twilight Princess

While this is a brave move by Nintendo, our main concern is that, of all the Wii games we playtested with the remote and Nunchuck at this year's E3, Zelda felt the least intuitive and it seemed obvious that the game was originally designed for a more conventional control system. Hopefully Nintendo has addressed these issues so that Wii owners' enjoyment of one of the most eagerly awaited games of 2006 isn't compromised.