Remnant 2 player finds a free way to reset your Traits: just spam the dodge button

Remnant 2
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One Remnant 2 player has found a super-simple dupe exploit to get infinite Trait resets, effectively helping to mitigate the impact of the game's much-maligned Trait caps.

Normally, you can reset your Traits with an item called an Orb of Undoing, but it's a single-use item with a fairly steep cost to purchase. In a video posted to the r/remnantgame subreddit, user NonHeroJC demonstrated using an Orb of Undoing then immediately backing out of the menu and dodging. The trait reset goes through, but the Orb isn't actually spent, so you can use it over and over again.

"All you have to do is use the orb and spam dodge immediately after," NonHeroJC explains. "On controller, I just spam the A button. The Orb's effects go through, but the animation that removes it from your inventory is canceled."

I Found A Way To Reset Your Skill Points Without Buying More Orbs of Undoing from r/remnantgame

Players are pretty much in awe of the discovery. "You’re the hero some people deserve," SneakyPanduh says. "Bro found a way to I-frame taxes," as DafaleHeight puts it.

This is exactly the sort of exploit you'd expect to be quickly patched in most games, but players have been desperate for some kind of relief when it comes to Traits. There's a cap to the number of Traits you can actually acquire on one character in Remnant 2, so if you want to try out a new playstyle once you've reached the cap, your options are pretty limited.

The Remnant 2 devs have been pretty explicit in saying that Trait caps are here to stay, but this exploit is giving players a glimpse at an alternative solution. Players are starting to like the idea of an infinite use Orb of Undoing, and a lot of them are hopeful that the devs will implement it as a feature rather than a bug.

Remnant 2's rarest class was hidden in the game's code as a nod to dataminers. 

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