Remedy Entertainment is teasing something for its 25th anniversary in August

(Image credit: Remedy)

This has been a big month for Remedy Entertainment, and the developer of Control is teasing even more to come in time for its 25th anniversary later this year.

The studio is one of three developers working with Epic Games Publishing on new projects. In a post on its official site, Remedy confirmed that the partnership currently covers two games in the same franchise; one of which is "an AAA multi-platform game already in pre-production" and another which is a smaller-scale project that's further out. Both are being developed using Remedy's Northlight Engine, the same engine that powered both Quantum Break and Control.

Remedy admitted that it probably won't have much more to share about the pair of games for "quite a while", since it wants to have something substantial to show, and thanked its fans for their patience. But they did leave fans with something to look forward to in the relatively near future: "Oh, and it’s our 25th anniversary later this year. Stay tuned…"

Remedy was officially founded on August 18th, 1995, so that means you should start staying tuned for something new from Remedy once we start getting into late summer this year.

My dream announcement? Remedy finally gets control of the Max Payne franchise and puts out a remastered version of the original game using the Northlight Engine. But - and this is key - it has to keep the original comic book cutscenes starring a bunch of Scandinavian computer nerds pretending to be New York City mobsters. That was the best part.

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