Region 2, U to Z


It’s not hard to see why Tom Cruise and Cameron Crowe were drawn to the fascinating Spanish thriller Open Your Eyes – but their version doesn’t quite live up to the original. It was fun to make, though...

Gag Reel

Select ‘Special Features’; press ENTER; select ‘Photo Galleries’; press ENTER; highlight ‘Special Features’; press the RIGHT ARROW to highlight the mask; press ENTER to watch a five-minute gag reel.


Said to be Christopher Lee’s favourite of the movies he’s made – and let’s face it, he’s been in a few films down the years. If that’s not a recommendation we don’t know what is...

Commentary Creation

Insert disc two; highlight ‘Commentary On’; press the RIGHT ARROW to reveal an orange figure; press ENTER for a fantastic 15-minute clip of the recording of the audio commentary.


The film that proved comic-book movies could appeal to adults as well as kids – the DVD has eggs that geeks will adore.

Beast And Blob Artwork

Go into ‘Special Features’; go into the ‘Art Gallery’; highlight ‘Main Menu’; press the UP ARROW to highlight Wolverine’s dog tag; press enter in order to see the hidden artwork.

Surprise Cameo

Select ‘Special Features’; select ‘Theatrical Trailers And TV Spots’; press ENTER; highlight ‘Theatrical Trailer A’; press the LEFT ARROW to highlight the knight chess piece; press ENTER to see the clip of a famous Marvel character invading the set.


This is the funniest film of Ben Stiller’s long career. If you haven’t caught Zoolander yet, you should buy it, post-haste! This hidden feature expands on one of the best scenes from the film.

Extra Walk Off

From the ‘Main Menu’ go to ‘Special Features’; hit ‘More’; highlight ‘Photo Galleries’; press the RIGHT ARROW; press ENTER to see behind the scenes footage of Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson practising their model walks.

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