Region 2, O to T


Just because you got Extras for Christmas doesn’t mean you should forget this terrific Brit sitcom; these Eggs expand on the best bits.

Freelove Freeway

Insert disc one; when the ‘Main Menu’ appears listen to the background office noise; eventually, you should hear a phone ring; press ENTER and you’ll be rewarded with the full version of Brent’s brilliantly rubbish ‘Freelove Freeway’ song.

Who Cares Wins

Insert disc two; select ‘Deleted Scenes’; press ENTER; press ENTER when the flickering fluorescent light begins to fade; if you time it right, you’ll see the entire ‘Who Cares Wins’ training video in all its glory.


This biopic featured a fantastic performance from Woody Harrelson, but these Eggs star the real Flynt...

Flynt For President (1)

Select ‘Special Features’ from the ‘Main Menu’; press ENTER; highlight ‘Larry Flynt Exposed’; press the LEFT ARROW; press ENTER for Flynt’s (surprisingly) genuine Presidential campaign ad.

Flynt For President (2)

Select ‘Audio Set Up’ from the Main Menu; press ENTER; highlight ‘French’; press the RIGHT ARROW; press ENTER for more from Larry’s campaign.


One of the best British flicks of all time has some of the coolest Eggs we’ve ever encountered...

Riot Button

In the Main Menu, highlight ‘Extras’; press the LEFT ARROW; the ‘Q’ in the ‘Quadrophenia’ logo should be highlighted; hit ENTER to see a short, cool clip; repeatedly hitting ENTER reveals different clips.

Film Reviews

From the ‘Main Menu’ head for the second page of ‘Extras’; go to ‘British Mod Film Compendium’; click through until you reach ‘Billy Liar’ and ‘A Hard Day’s Night’; highlight ‘Extras’ in the centre of the page; press the UP ARROW; the message ‘Mods Rule’ should appear; press ENTER and you’ll be able to scroll through entertaining review excerpts.

Portrait Of A Mod, Part One

Go to the ‘Still Gallery’ in the ‘Extras’ section; select ‘Publicity Photos’; on the fourth still press the UP ARROW for some advice on how to dress like a Mod.

Portrait Of A Mod, Part Two

Go back to the ‘Still Gallery’; select ‘Franc Roddam’s Continuity Polaroids’; on the fourth still press the UP ARROW for a guide to Mod scooters.


You don’t need us to tell you about the film, we know you know how perfect it is – but if you haven’t seen the Egg, you’re missing out on a classic.

Quentin Tarantino Interview

Select ‘Special Features’ from the ‘Main Menu’; press ENTER; highlight ‘Introduction By Quentin Tarantino’; press the LEFT ARROW; this reveals an ear; press ENTER for an unbelievable 26-minute interview with the great man himself.


If you’ve ever wanted to know how to sell a script for an S&M romantic comedy (not the most obvious proposition in Hollywood terms), you can find out by discovering this interesting Eggstra...

Script Advertisement

Go into the ‘Audio Setup’ menu; press the UP ARROW until the ant at the top of the logo is highlighted; next press ENTER to see the advertisement for the screenplay.


This war comedy was set during the first Gulf War, yet remains as relevant today as it was on its release in 1999.

TV Spot

Go into ‘Special Features’; select ‘Continue’; press ENTER; select ‘Continue’; press ENTER; highlight ‘Theatrical Trailer’; press the DOWN ARROW to reveal a grenade; press ENTER to reveal a sign saying ‘TV Spot’; press ENTER to watch it.

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