Region 2, A to G


Ridley Scott’s haunting horror will have been seen by everyone who owns a DVD player; but there’s every chance that these magnificent Eggs haven’t caught the attention yet.

Crew Info And Flightplans

Go to the Main Menu; highlight ‘Extra Features’; hit the LEFT ARROW to highlight the window on the screen; press ENTER to see a featurette that shows information on each crew member and a flightplan for the ship.

Kane’s Transmission

Go into the ‘Extra Features’ menu; hit the DOWN ARROW until you highlight the pool of Alien blood; press ENTER for Kane’s full transmission of the Alien lifecycle.


Weird and wonderful, Malkovich was as surreal as a Björk video; making this Egg highly appropriate.

Björk Song

Select ‘Language’ from the ‘Main Menu’; and press ENTER to hear Björk’s song in its entirety.


Not only are there three Easter Eggs on this release (one for every Angel), two are short and one is brilliant – how appropriate can you get?

The Angels

Select ‘Extra Features’ and hit ENTER; highlight ‘Welcome To Angel World’ and press the RIGHT ARROW to highlight ‘Extra Features’ at the top of the page; press ENTER for a clip of the Angels tossing their hair.

Drew Barrymore

Go back to ‘Extra Features’ and hit ENTER; select the arrow at the bottom of the page and then press ENTER to go to the second page; highlight ‘Wired Angels’ and hit the LEFT ARROW to highlight ‘Extra Features’ at the top of the page; press ENTER for a clip of Drew Barrymore having a plaster cast made.

Behind The Scenes

For this brilliant series of clips, go back to ‘Extra Features’ once more; go to the third page; highlight the arrow at the bottom; press the RIGHT ARROW to highlight ‘Extra Features’ at the top of the page; press ENTER for the clips (which include Sam Rockwell’s Christopher Walker impression).


The coolest film of the decade so far, and, thanks to us, you won’t need Frank’s help to find the Eggs.

Deleted Scenes

On the ‘Main Menu’ highlight ‘Special Features’; press the RIGHT ARROW; a small rabbit should appear in Frank’s eye and you’ll be taken to a deleted scene from the end of the film; leave it running and the scene will repeat with director’s commentary; as this plays another white rabbit will appear in the corner of the screen; press ENTER for another deleted scene.

Extended Scenes

Select ‘Special Features’; press ENTER; select ‘Commentaries And Subtitles’; press ENTER; highlight ‘Spanish Subtitles’ press the RIGHT ARROW on your remote to reveal another rabbit over Patrick’s Swayze’s eye; an extended scene will play; again, leave it running for commentary and another rabbit will appear; hit ENTER to see another extended scene.

Hidden Trailer And Deleted Scene

On each of the appendix pages in the ‘Philosophy Of Time Travel’ book press the UP ARROW; hit ENTER; from ‘Appendix A’ you get a deleted scene from the flooding of the school; from ‘Appendix B’ you’ll find an alternative trailer.


Sam Raimi’s gonzo-horror is loved by every fan of the genre, and this Egg allows you inside access to the gore-making process.

Make-Up Test

From the Main Menu select ‘Extras’; press ENTER; ‘Trailer’ will now be selected; press the LEFT ARROW to highlight the Deadite to the left; press ENTER to view a gory make-up test

Panel Discussion

Go back to the ‘Extras’ Menu; select ‘More’ and press ENTER; ‘Fanalysis’ will be highlighted; press the LEFT ARROW to highlight the skull; press ENTER to see an entertaining panel discussion following the film’s 20th anniversary screening.


Luc Besson wrote this stylish thriller when he was a teenager – you can tell. Still, the effects are amazing, and Milla Jovovich’s performance is memorable.

Hidden Sketches And Trailer

At the ‘Main Menu’ highlight ‘Subtitles’; press the UP ARROW to highlight the large Fifth Element logo; press ENTER; a drawing of a ship from the movie should appear; from this page press the LEFT ARROW for a picture of Gary Oldman’s pet from the film; from this page press the RIGHT ARROW for a picture of Element’s futuristic city; from this page press the RIGHT ARROW; from this page press the UP ARROW for a picture of the opera diva; finally, from this page press the DOWN ARROW and the teaser trailer should play.


Every film’s a classic (yes, even the underrated third part, which we reckon is ripe for reappraisal), so that’s reason enough in itself to buy the discs. Fittingly, the Eggs are pretty good too: just wait ’til you see first one...

The Sopranos Clip

Insert disc four (this is where you’ll get all of the Eggs); go to ‘Galleries’; press ENTER; select ‘DVD Credits’; press ENTER; go to the final page by clicking the ‘Next’ button on each page; when you get to the end you’ll see a brilliant clip from The Sopranos in which Tony Soprano and his chums debate their favourite Godfather scenes.

Mario Puzo

Go to the ‘Filmmakers’ page and select ‘Mario Puzo’; press ENTER; press the LEFT ARROW to reveal a dollar sign; press ENTER to watch a clip with Puzo explaining why he wrote The Godfather.

Foreign Language Moments

Go to the ‘Subtitle Menu’; press the RIGHT ARROW to reveal a globe; press ENTER to view a selection of dubbed clips from the films’ international releases.

James Caan

Select ‘Family Tree’ from the ‘Main Menu’; press ENTER; select ‘Sonny’; press ENTER; select ‘Sonny’ again to see his biog; press the LEFT ARROW to highlight Caan’s picture; press ENTER to see Caan’s screen test and his Brando impression.

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