Redfall Bite Back Edition upgrades your Game Pass copy with new cosmetics, weapons, and future characters

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Hunting vampires is even more fun when you look cool, and the Redfall Bite Back Edition will equip you with bonus weapons and character skins to do so.

Redfall is expected to launch on May 2 2023, and being a first-party Xbox Series X title, it will have a day-one release on Xbox Game Pass by default. The latest fast-paced FPS from Arkane Studios, Redfall's creepy open world and vampire-slaying machinations have made it one of the more notable new games 2023. While you'll still get the base game included with your monthly Game Pass subscription, the recently announced Redfall Bite Back Edition includes exclusive additional content – and it's definitely affordable as long as you buy the right version.

The Bite Back Edition comprises two additional content packs. The Vampire Hunter Pack is built into all base copies of Redfall on Game Pass, featuring the Blood Ravager Stake, Grim Tide Shotgun, and Polar Vortex Multi-Weapon Skin. On top of this, you'll be receiving four character skins (Northern Expedition, War Clothes, Eyes In The Dark  and Engineer Volunteer), a laser beam multiweapon skin, and the Tactical Knife Stake as part of the Bite Back perks. You'll also unlock the Hero Pass, giving you access to two future Heroes when they are released further down the line.

The pre-order Bite Back add-ons can be purchased as an upgrade from the Microsoft store (opens in new tab), costing £26.99 / US$33.50 for Game Pass subscribers in addition to your monthly subs. Even with these subscription fees on top of the upgrade, that would cost a standard Xbox Game Pass subscriber to just under £35 / US$44 for both the game and the Bite Back upgrade.

These are some sizable savings when comparing it to the digital copy of Redfall Bite Back Edition (opens in new tab); it's currently going for a baffling £99.99 / US$124 for non-Game Pass subscribers, so you definitely want to make sure you check which version you opt for before you pay up.

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