Realtime Worlds ponders Crackdown 2

Developer Real Time Worlds already has ideas for a sequel to its open-ended 360 title Crackdown.

In an interview, senior designer Stephen Iannetta said that he would love to make a sequel to the crime-buster and take the concept forward. "We've learnt some lessons and if we did do Crackdown 2... I'd love to see it happen," he said.

"I think again it comes to how you can really choose how you approach the missions, and I'd really like to turn the contrast up on that. I'd really like to look at giving the players so many options at how they can do it."

Iannetta said that, while he thinks Real Time has already created a pretty convincing game world, he'd like to create a "more believable, functioning city" in the future. "I think if there's one thing we can learn from making Crackdown, it's that it's the city that makes the fun."

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February 22, 2007