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That real-life FPS played by Chatroulette is back, and way bigger than before

The team behind the real-life first-person shooter (opens in new tab) that debuted back in August is back with Level 2, a sequel that ups the ante in almost every way. No longer bound to backyards and forests, this new video takes the real-life FPS to the depths of space, where aliens have infested the crew of a spaceship.

For those not familiar with what I'm talking about, the real-life FPS was originally a prank pulled by a group of people who call themselves Realm Pictures. They set up what was basically a real-time play directed by Chatroulette users - you tell the gruff protagonist to go here, shoot that zombie, and he does it, reacting as you do.

I don't want to spoil the fun of what happens in this new video; just know that there is a boss fight that involves an Aliens reference this time around, and it's pretty amazing how much effort the team went through to improve on the original concept. Take a look:

With Level 2 now complete, Realm Pictures wants to take things to the next … er, level. They want to produce a Level 3, with a whole world full of lore and characters. They've taken to Kickstarter (opens in new tab) to accomplish this, and have already surpassed their $1,530 goal. Backers get to help participate not just in the final product, but in choosing costumes, set, story, and more. It's pretty cheap to get in on as far as crowdfunding goes, with a minimum pledge of £1/$1.53 and no higher reward tiers.

Level 3 should finish loading around April 2016. That's a bit longer wait than the time between the first video and this one, but personally, I'm okay with that. More time to re-watch and share these ambitious feats of cinematography.

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Sam Prell
Sam Prell

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