Rainbow Six Vegas

Gabe: Totally. That riot shield was a walking nightmare until we figured out the perfect counter-measure. But I think that also highlights the necessity for team tactics and really shows off the depth of Rainbow Six Vegas' multiplayer. It's such a versatile game - you could run through the multiplayer levels, blasting away in Survivor mode, but you'd get scolded severely if you tried that while on a team. Team Survivor (and, to an even greater extent, in the Attack and Defend mode) requires communication and coordination, which puts this game in a similar category to Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, but with the added radness of fast-roping, snake-cams and inverted rappeling. In some ways, it strikes me as an excellent combination of GRAW and Splinter Cell - two great Tom Clancy games focusing on team blasting and stealth respectively.

Joe: Yeah, whatever. I'll splinter your cells. I thought it was much more like GRAW than Splinter Cell - like GRAW 's gameplay transposed onto counterterrorism-themed maps instead of an urban battlefield.

Gabe: Whatever, turd-burgler, since I'm the one writing this article, I get to have the last word. While there are elements aplenty from Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, I was surprised that there didn't seem to be an option for lying prone, only for crouching. That could be something they just haven't implemented in the early version we played, but its impact is negligible on the actual gameplay (unless, like Joe, you really had your heart set on lying down on the job).