Rainbow Six Vegas video debut

%26bull;Rainbow Six Vegas(WMV, 47.3MB)

Wednesday 14 June 2006
Be sure to take the time to watch this new footage of Ubisoft's Rainbow Six Vegas. It's a complete walkthrough of the stage that was used to wow the crowds at this year's E3, and it's dazzling stuff.

The movie opens with the game's anti-terrorist squad sweeping through the sky above Las Vegas in a chopper - a viewpoint nicked straight from Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, but much, much prettier - before following the four-man team as it infiltrates a casino that's packed with terrorists and hostages.

There are some welcome ideas on show, such as the inclusion of a rappel for silently skulking your way around the outside of a building, and a camera gadget that'll be familiar to fans of Splinter Cell that lets the player see through doors and mark out targets for the squad to tackle.

And be sure to watch it right through to the end. Explosive isn't the word.