Rainbow Six Vegas - multiplayer hands-on

The busted compound map was similarly packed with nooks and crannies in the form of abandoned storefronts and narrow wooden balconies. Here we found the cover system helped us the most as both teams faced off within two-story buildings that sat on opposite sides of a large plaza. There were a couple of times that we used the rappelled-points to drop down a level, but madness like that was reserved for times when we had a hankering for getting shot. Every once in awhile, some poor shlub would wander out into our plaza of ultimate pain and would meet with a hefty helping of grenades.

Unfortunately, due to a sound bug that we were promised would be ironed out before the game ships, grenades were the only weapons that lag didn't render almost totally ineffective. Of course, these are the risks we run when playing games before anyone else gets to - sometimes, they're not totally done. With Rainbow Six Vegas barreling down the pike for a November release, we can see this title offering up an extremely satisfying multiplayer experience that will undoubtedly eclipse the single-player game... lucky for you they come in the same package.