Rainbow Six Vegas - multiplayer hands-on

We recently got a chance to play Rainbow Six Vegas multiplayer, but before we dive into the play experience, we need to tell you about the revolutionary new feature that left us dumbstruck. Rainbow Six Vegas uses the Xbox Live Vision camera to grab two photos of your face and graft them onto your multiplayer character. The effect is simply amazing, and the likeness is phenomenal.

This feature is just a part of what the Rainbow Six Vegas team has dubbed Persistent Elite Creation 2.0 (or PEC 2.0, for short), and it's designed to give you a genuine identity in the sea of multiplayer anonymity. You start by either pasting your own mug on your character or choosing one of the pre-packed faces. Next, you have a slew of customization options that add scars, face-paint, blood-spatters or charred flesh to your war-damaged face. Customization continues into your operative's clothes, and you'll be able to choose from a variety of camos in addition to selecting hats, goggles and masks. Of course, these choices are all strictly cosmetic, including the battle armor that can be stripped off individual appendages and painted with different camo patterns (so, your left arm can be blue while your right arm can be pink, yay?).

With all of the options available for differentiating yourself from the rest of the rabble (estimations from Ubisoft run at "millions of choices"), you should be able to create an online persona that really stands out in the crowd of other Rainbow Six Vegas players that are also standing out.