Rainbow Six: Vegas content assaults Live

The delayed Player's Pack Red Edition content update for Rainbow Six: Vegas on Xbox 360 is now available to download from Live for 800 Microsoft Points ($10).

Coughing up for the Player's Pack gets you three brand new multiplayer maps, two 'relit' multiplayer maps and two new multiplayer game modes.

New mode number one, Assassination, tasks an attacking team with eliminating a VIP, while the opposing team must defend and escort the VIP to an extraction zone.

Total Conquest, meanwhile is the second new mode and throws up a control-point scenario where two teams battle to activate and maintain control of Mobile Radar Installations. A team wins if it activates and maintains control of one of three installations in a map for a certain period of time.

Both new game modes are playable in Vegas' original 10 maps and the new maps featuring in the download content.

April 18, 2007