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Rage 2 has a Collector's Edition with a singing severed mutant head

Rage 2 may have been teased a little early thanks to a Walmart Canada leak (opens in new tab), but Bethesda saw fit to open its E3 press conference with a deep dive into the plot and gameplay. After all, don't you want to know why a guy who calls himself "Ranger Walker" is shooting at a giant mutant with an oversized football helmet on his head?

Where the first Rage was very, very brown and grim, Rage 2 looks to be a wilder, more neon-soaked take on the post-apocalypse. Shooting looks tight and satisfying - as you'd expect from Id Software - while the introduction of nanomachines--

*is handed a sheet of paper*

--sorry, "nandtrites" allows you to exceed petty human limitations. You'll be able to leap high into the air and slam down with incredible force, or blast enemies back with the palm of your hand. It's all a bit Destiny-ish by way of '80s action movies (so, way more violent). There's also a sense of self-awareness this time around, as evidenced by a cutaway to advertise a Rage 2 Collector's Edition, featuring a Billy Bass-style severed mutant head, mid-trailer.

You play as Walker, a Ranger (who may or may not be from Texas) out to save the world from a controlling authoritarian body known as... The Authority. Look, I think it's fair to say that Rage 2 probably isn't here to wax philosophic and make you reflect on your life. Get out there, blow some mutants up, and have fun when Rage 2 launches on PS4, Xbox One, and PC spring 2019.

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