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Race Driver 2 now TOCAed up

When Race Driver 2 was announced at this year's X03, it took some heroic spinning for Codemasters to portray the omission of the now highly recognisable TOCA brand as something of a step forward.

Clearly, it actually wasn't, as all parties have now reached agreement. Race Driver 2 WILL be launched as TOCA Race Driver 2: The Ultimate Racing Simulator. Ok?

To add to the confusion the game will be published as DTM Race Driver 2 in Germany/Benelux and V8 Supercars in Australia/New Zealand.

The game, due to debut this Spring, does retain the originally announced, much broader range of cars however. Prepare to strap yourself into death traps from such diverse 'codes' as GT Sports Car Racing, Street Racing, Rally, DTM (German Sports Series), Stockcar Oval Racing, Super Truck Racing, Ice-Racing and - well, you get the idea. Whether we can take the Skyline Ice Racing remains to be confirmed.

TOCA Race Driver 2: The Ulimate Racing Simulator will hit Xbox and PC this Spring.