Quentin Tarantino on for a Hell Ride

Grindhouse is proof - if proof be needed - that Quentin Tarantino is obsessed with all things cinematically scuzzy. He also enjoys bringing other filmmakers to our attention under the cover of his Quentin Tarantino Presents label.

The latest to be anointed by the magic marker of QT is Larry Bishop, a man who has made a career out of starring in B-movie biker adventures such as The Savage Seven and Hot Leather. Now he’s adding writing and directing to his skills as he's dreamed up Hell Ride, the tale of a biker gang who avenge the death of one of their own.

Dimension Films has unsurprisingly decided to stump up the dosh to make the movie, and Bishop is busy counting his good fortune that he helped inspire the young Tarantino. And now he’s seeing the benefits - such as private screenings of his old films at Quentin’s house... "I got there, he's got a 60-seat theatre, and a lobby, and there are posters of my movies all over the place," Bishop told Variety. "The movie ends and he says, let's make the greatest motorcycle movie ever. And so I spent five years writing it. When I got on the phone with Bob Weinstein, I was ready with 10 folders with budget breakdowns, all kinds of stuff. The first thing Bob says is, he gives me a budget and says, if you can make it for that budget, I am greenlighting this, right now."

So here we are: Bishop will start shooting this year...

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