Quantum Error PS5 gameplay shows off next-gen cosmic horror

(Image credit: TeamKill Media)

Developer Teamkill Media has offered another exclusive look at its upcoming PS5 game Quantum Error during today's Future Games Show live stream, with a five-minute gameplay demo that's thick on atmosphere, and not for the faint of heart. 

The studio's president, Micah Jones, kicked off the walkthrough with a quick lowdown of what to expect from Quantum Error, which he describes as a "cosmic horror FPS" which sees you step in the shoes of firefighter Jacob Thomas, and sent in to a San Francisco lab to save those inside from a mysterious blaze. 

The full demo can be watched in its entirety below: 

As you can probably tell, Quantum Error isn't pulling any of its punches, with mind-bending visuals, fast-paced boss fights, and an unreliable power grid that means Jacob often has to rely on thermal vision to navigate each claustrophobic environment. 

Teamkill Media has previously teased about the next-gen power of its physics engine, and you can see that in the way each enemy reacts to Jacob's shotgun blast, limbs often flailing off with every successive hit. 

Quantum Error is scheduled to release on both PS5 and PS4 sometime in the future, but Teamkill has yet to give a firm launch window just yet. 

In the meantime, you can continue watching along with the Future Game Show live, right here, with even more exclusive reveals, developer interviews, and gameplay trailers to come. 

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