Quake Wars beta expands, gets new map

It's not going to be long before developer Splash Damage and publisher Activision update the ongoing Quake Wars beta, and the developer's been on the game's official website explaining what exactly is in the pipe.

One of the key new features of Beta 2 is new map Valley. "The GDF need to destroy a Strogg Prionite Contaminator that's poisoning a reservoir (the Strogg are attempting to render the local population defenseless to Stroggification). Our Level Design Team has been polishing Valley like crazy, plus it's larger than Sewer, and features four additional GDF vehicles (the Anansi Attack 'Copter, Bumblebee Transport Chopper, the Platypus Assault Boat, and the Mobile Command Post) and improved visuals over Sewer. We're confident you're going to have fun on this map!," writes Splash Damage.

On top of that, the beta update will usher in a hefty dose of improvements, balancing, and tweaks: better bots, better physics, and a smoother interface are just some of what you can expect. Details on the highlights of the next beta can be found on the official Quake Wars website.

Splash Damage says the new beta will be out "within the next week or two."

July 31, 2007