Q&A with Ninja Gaiden Sigma's director

Does Sigma make any use of PSN or the PS3's hard disk?

Hayashi: We'll use the hard disk in order to ensure stress-free gameplay for players. You won't be bothered with "Now Loading" messages while playing Ninja Gaiden Sigma.

Sigma is also compatible with PlayStation Network. Worldwide scores and rankings will become available and detailed information on each player can be referred to via PSN.

How do you think the PS3 as a format will fare? Why do you think it's suffered from a relatively slow start in Japan?

Hayashi: I am not an analyst. I'm just a game developer. My mission is to provide the best action game for PS3 users. That's all that matters to me, and I promise that you'll experience something really fantastic with Sigma.

What have you found to be the main differences between developing for the Xbox 360 and PS3?

Hayashi: Sorry, but I can't answer that question. I haven't developed for Xbox 360. My last project, Ninja Gaiden Black, was for the original Xbox.

We heard a rumor a while ago of an Xbox 360 version of Sigma. Is there any truth in that?

Hayashi: I would take that rumor as proof that people's expectations for Sigma must be very high. But it is just a rumor.