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Puzzle Scape review

Unfamiliar name or not, you've probably played this PSP puzzle game before... and it wasn't bad


  • Chaining bricks
  • Price is fair
  • Puzzle League-type game on PSP


  • The copycat style
  • Brutal Architect challenges
  • Ad hoc multiplay only

Puzzle Scape won't win any awards for originality. Its techno-stylish looks and half of its gameplay are cut-and-pasted right from the PSP's original smash-hit block-stacking game, Lumines. And the other half of its gameplay comes from an even older falling brick brain-basher: Tetris Attack, which was most recently reborn asPlanet Puzzle Leaguefor the DS. Never played either one? Do that first 'cause they're both a little better, and when you tire of them, come back to this review.

Okay, here's the Puzzle Scape quick and dirty: you've got blocks falling from the sky, one big row at a time. The blocks are all the same shape: square, but they come in four different colors. They make a big pile at the bottom of the screen, where you can slide any individual block left or right as far as you'd like.

More Info

DescriptionBasically a modification of Lumines, Puzzle Scape involves the usual blowing up of colored blocks, but it executes the concept well.
US censor ratingEveryone
Release date1 June 2007 (US), 1 June 2007 (UK)