Puppeteer TGS 2012 trailer - Experience the magic of this puppet theatre

Not since Little Big Planet have we felt this same sense of child-like giddiness when watching a platforming game's trailer. Developed by Sony's Japan Studio exclusively for the PS3, this stylized jump-and-cut puts you in the shoes of an adorable, scissor-brandishing puppet. We could go into every last detail about the ingenious mechanic of cutting your way up a curtain, or how badly we want to snip our way out of a tiger's mouth, but we'd rather you just watch the trailer instead:

Charming, yes? We haven't even played the game yet, and already it seems wondrous. It also seems to share a LBP vibe in that it appears our hero's look can be extensively customized. Until we get a chance to play it for ourselves, we'll be keeping our eyes peeled for more info on Puppeteer, in gleeful anticipation of its planned 2013 release.

Lucas Sullivan

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