Punisher: War Zone in trouble?

When Total Film sat down with new Punisher Ray Stevenson, he gave no indication that there was trouble in the War Zone camp.

But after director Lexi Alexander failed to show up at Comic Con (producer Gale Ann Hurd told fans that Alexander was on her honeymoon, which few believed), the web is afire with talk that Alexander has been booted from the film.

Film School Rejects did a little digging and has found that all is indeed not well with the film. Alexander apparently delivered a trailer and first cut that neither producers Marvel nor backers Lionsgate liked and the studio has now brought in fresh eyes to re-edit the footage in time for the film’s release Stateside in December.

While none of this is 100% confirmed, it’s worth noting that Alexander’s blog, which has been a major selling point for the movie, has been removed entirely and replaced with just an image of the see-no-evil-hear-no-evil-speak-no-evil monkeys. Telling. Head over to the Rejects’ site for more.

Source: ( Film School Rejects )