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Punchline, Clownhunter, Nightwing, and more appear on Batman variant covers

(Image credit: DC)

Tuesday DC revealed several new covers in a series of variants showcasing the character design art of current Batman artist Jorge Jimenez for issues #92-100. Each of the eight planned variant covers, some of which were previously unveiled, features art of characters that play a key role in the upcoming "Joker War" story that stretches into the milestone Batman #100.

The variants feature 8 different characters including mainstays Joker, Nightwing, and Catwoman, alongside some of the newer characters that will be introduced for "Joker War".

These include the upcoming new villain Clownhunter, the Designer (villain of writer James Tynion IV's previous story on the title), and Joker's new gun moll/sidekick Punchline, who has received much attention since her introduction to readers, and who will make her in-story debut in this week's Batman #92.

While the planned cover for Batman #100 has yet to be revealed, DC has issued a list of which other characters will appear, including those seen here.

Here's the full list: 

Batman #92—Punchline 

Batman #93—the Designer

Batman #94—the Underbroker

Batman #95—The Joker

Batman #96—Clownhunter

Batman #97—Harley Quinn

Batman #98—Catwoman

Batman #99—Nightwing

Batman #100—to be revealed!

Tynion took over as writer of Batman from Tom King, who departed with #85 after a run of several years that kicked-off with DC's 2016 "Rebirth" relaunch, which started new volumes of many popular titles and once again redefined aspects of DC continuity.

Tynion's first story, "His Dark Designs," introduced a new villain named, appropriately, the Designer, with more new additions to the cast on the way – including the aforementioned Clownhunter and Punchline.

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