Puffball review

From the mind of the master surrealist behind Don’t Look Now, Performance and The Man Who Fell To Earth... a grumpy musing on grief and maternal craving, incorporating witchcraft, Norse mythology and devil’s eyeballs... Spunky architect Liffey (Kelly Reilly) quits her city job to remodel a rural Irish cottage with feckless hubby Richard (Oscar Pearce). But then she gets pregnant, rousing the jealousy of barren neighbour Miranda Richardson and her spooky mum Rita Tushingham. Shades of The Wicker Man, sketches of Straw Dogs, dabs of Deliverance... But for a director famed for plastering his canvas with vivid and psychedelic textures, there’s nothing distinctive here – apart from the cervix-eye-view of an ejaculation. And there are plenty of websites where you can enjoy that sort of thing for free. Apparently.


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