PUBG partners with Dead by Daylight for a terrifying new limited-time crossover

A PUBG player kneels by a broken generation
(Image credit: Krafton / Behaviour Interactive)

PUBG is teaming up with dead by Daylight for a spooky crossover event.

Dubbed "the world's deadliest game of hide and seek", the battle royale's all-new mode will introduce many of the mechanics familiar to Dead by Deadlight fans, including broken generators to fix, killers, survivors, and fleeing in terror through the exit gates at the end of the match.

Here's a new teaser, showcasing the new mode:

By repairing the generators, survivors can "effectively blind and disorient" The Killer, and Blue Zone Lockers can be destroyed to prevent survivors from being "sacrificed". You'll be asked if you'd like to play as a survivor or the killer before the match commences, during which the latter will play in first-person perspective, and the former in third-person perspective. 

Developer Krafton has also confirmed that characters will exist in three states; normal, damaged, and knocked out. Take too much damage and you'll be sent to the Blue Zone Locker which - naturally - will be visible to other survivors.

"One day, everything was consumed by the Fog. Just like that. Nobody knows why," teases Krafton in the announcement. 

"Expeditions were dispatched – us right now – to study and report back the buried secrets of the Fog. But it didn’t take us long to find out something more lurked out here… We call it the KILLER."

It all sounds like a pretty effective way of blending both PUGB and Dead by Daylight's key features and, as you no doubt expect, comes packed with additional missions, rewards, and items. The time-limited mode is live now and will run on PC and console until 11pm on November 6 PST / November 7 8am CEST / 4pm KST. 

PUBG New State – the widely popular spin-off mobile version of the original battle royale game – is also getting a Dead by Daylight crossover event, too. It also recently introduced a new anti-cheating tech that it says has halved the number of cheaters playing the mobile shooter.

Called Fog of War, the new system – which developer Krafton says is "the first of its kind in mobile gaming" – works by limiting the "game information a player receives" when using x-ray vision or wall hacks.

Whilst it's only been implemented in a "limited capacity" up until now, Krafton says that lobbies using the anti-cheat system saw x-ray vision cheats decrease by "over 50 per cent", and up to 62 per cent "in key regions".

Krafton also recently announced that it has "begun active development" on a new project based on the Korean fantasy novel, The Bird That Drinks Tears.

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