PUBG on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X gets a 60FPS mode

(Image credit: PUBG Corp)

PUBG will let players on the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro play the game in 60 frames per second.

The new frame rate option was actually included alongside the launch of PUBG Season 9 on the game's Test Servers earlier today. Within the settings menu for the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro versions of the game, you'll find the "Framerate Priority" option, which lets players on those consoles priotize frame rate for 60FPS gameplay.

As the blog post from PUBG Corp. explains, the frame rate result is achieved by dropping the game's resolution down to 1080p on the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro. Although PUBG Corp. says that they're exploring bringing the frame rate option to Xbox One and PS4 platforms, they can't guarantee the feature is a certainty for either platform.

This feature arrives alongside Season 9 for PUBG, which chiefly introduces the battle royale game's first dynamic map. The South American-based Paramo map can be different from game to game: in one case, for example, rivers of molten lava may descend from the volcano positioned on the map. It's a really interesting way to shake things up from game to game, for even the most veteran PUBG players.

There's also a new playlist: Ranked Solo Queue. This is a mode where hardcore players will have only themselves to rely on to climb the ranked leaderboards, a far cry from the usual team-based ranked mode games. You can find a full list of the rules for Ranked Solo Queue here.

For everything you need to know about the Test Server for PUBG, head over to our complete PUBG PTS guide.

Hirun Cryer

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