One year later, players discover new way to catch a glimpse of PTs ghost

A screenshot and video making the rounds on Reddit have PT and Silent Hill fans feverish with excitement and speculation. The two pieces of media suggest that Lisa, the creepy and scream-inducing ghost from PT, can appear in a room previously thought to be devoid of her ethereal presence. Reddit user metatronicsauce shared a screenshot showing as much yesterday, to which another user responded with the video link below.

The video seems to confirm metatronicsauce is not alone in their discovery, and the trick is actually fairly easy to replicate: simply walk backward out of the room when you enter it and hear the paper bag speak (yes, that is a thing that happens and yes, it's pretty weird). As the game forces you to spin around, you'll spy Lisa waiting in a corner.

Some are saying this is a sign of creator Hideo Kojima's brilliance, while others suggest it's a simple matter of the game loading the Lisa model into the room and you're not meant to see her. Either way, it's impressive that a year later, PT is still inspiring fans to dig in and see what they can find.

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Sam Prell

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