PSVR 2 fan mockup video is sweet wish fulfillment as we wait for an official announcement

A PSVR 2 fan-made concept video shows one path Sony could take for its next PlayStation virtual reality headset, and it is a beautiful vision of the future. made the concept video, which is entirely unofficial and based on what the community of creators would like to see rather than any inside information from Sony. Despite the steady emergence of patents that prove Sony is still working on VR-related technologies, the company has still made no official announcements about whether it plans to make a full-fledged follow-up to the PlayStation VR headset it first released in 2016.

Until it does, we can continue ooh-ing and ahh-ing over this concept video that predicts the design and various features for PSVR 2. Called "PlayStation XR" here, it's an expanded version of the previous design which allows for wireless play of previous-gen PlayStation VR games via built-in hardware and playing current-gen games through a USB-C connection to PS5 - much like an Oculus Quest but for PlayStation.

It also features an optional arm or belt-mounted battery pack which allows you to play for up to 10 uninterrupted hours, so I hope it's meant to be more comfortable than the last headset. PSVR always gives me a headache after a half hour or so as it squeezes my temples, but that's probably my massive head's fault; I can barely ever find sunglasses or hats that fit comfortably and I've just learned to accept it.

While we're waiting for any official word on the next generation of PSVR, you can keep using your old headset and games on your new PS5 via backwards compatible - you will need a special camera adapter that you can request for free, though.

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