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PSP is the number one gadget purchase in the UK... when it comes to regret

A recent UK retail survey has revealed the PSP to be the consumer gadget most likely to be sent back to the shop with its tail between its legs following a swift buyer rethink. It certainly wasn't the only console on the list though. The full list, with perchentage of units returned,breaks down like this:

1. Sony PSP - 6.2%
2. Kindle - 5.7%
3. Apple iPad - 4.9%
4. Microsoft Xbox 360 - 4.8%
5. HTC Desire phone - 4.6%
6. iPhone 4 - 4.5%
7. Sony Reader eBook - 4.2%
8. TomTom satnavs - 4.1%
9. Motorola Bluetooth headsets - 4%
10. Sony netbooks - 4%

A list of fairly usual suspects then, and its unsurprising to see the what-is-it-actually-for-again? iPad ahead of the iPhone. Not a great list for Sony either, all three entries considered, but as Mark Pearson, the businessbod in charge of the survey, says, that's "in likeliness simply because their products are at the higher end of the price range".

Biggest reason for returns? People who buy something without thinking too hard about whether they can afford it long-term, who then whip out the receipt when they realise they can't. Next on the list was "disappointment" with the purchase.

Think, people. A little research before you next go into a shop, maybe?

Source:PSP World

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