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PSM3 reviews Army of Two...

Oct 24, 2007

Pick up tomorrow's new issue of PSM3, and you'll be able to read the world's first magazine review of Army of Two, Electronic Arts' co-op focused shooter. But thanksto the game being recently delayed,you won't actually be able to buy it until some unconfirmed date next year. So what's the deal?

Well, if you head on over to PSM3's official blog, they take the effort to talk us through the problems. The answer's not so simple. For instance, developers are having problems with PS3 development or simply finding porting 360 games to Sony's platform an irksome process - witness Stranglehold, which has been out for ages on 360, but still isn't out on PS3.

Be assured, though, that PSM3 reviewed finalised PlayStation 3 code. Website was also sent the same code, though it used the minute-by-minute nature of the interweb to refrain from publishing a review once the delay was announced.

But, really, what can EA now change? PSM3's review appears tomorrow, and the magazine team explain that their only concerns lay with Army of Two's greater structure and design. Not with nitty details that can be fixed through a few extra month's development. EA may be able to spruce up the eventual release, but it will still be the exact same game - barring the odd smoother texture or heavier anti-aliased edge.