PSM launches podcast with a snake-shaped bombshell's print sibling, PSM: 100% Independent PlayStation Magazine, has entered uncharted territory today with the premiere of its ongoing weekly audio podcast.

Hosted by PSM's Executive Editor, Randy Nelson, episode one is co-hosted by Ryan Payton, Assistant Producer at Kojima Production. Even if you don't know the name, we bet you know the product - Kojima Production is the developer of the world-renowned Metal Gear Solid series.

Hot off the U.S. and Japanese release of Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops for PSP, Ryan and Randy cover a wide range of topics in the 37 minute program, and, of course, Metal Gear comes up. In fact, Ryan lets Randy in on plans for an MPO sequel, along with the future direction of the MGS saga. Hey, when we promise good dirt, we mean it.

The podcast is live now at, where new episodes can be found for listening and downloading every Friday evening. The PSM Audio Podcast is also available for subscription on the site and via Apple's iTunes Music Store. Contrary to popular, yet incorrect belief, the podcast can be played on any computer or digital device compatible with the MP3 format. It can even be listened to on the PlayStation 3 via its web browser, or downloaded it its hard disk drive.

Check it out now and every Friday at